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UHT Milk Production Line
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UHT stands for “Ultra High Temprature processing,” which is just another way of heating milk to kill bacterial spores. In the pasteurization process, the milk is heated to 72°C (161.6°F) for at least 15 minutes, whereas the UHT process heats the milk at 135°C (275°F) for one to two seconds. This flash of extreme heat is said to kill off any spores in the milk, and is currently a process that is being used for other products such as fruit juices, cream, yogurt, wine, and soups.

UHT milk tastes different than its pasteurized milk cousins — it tastes like it comes from a box — it tastes burnt. But the economic incentives behind producing, shipping, selling, and buying this type of milk is quickly making it the global standard. England recently tried to put forward a motion to convert 90% of the milk sales in their country to the UHT variety under the banner of reducing greenhouse emissions, and many other countries — particularly those in warmer regions where refrigeration is challenging and expensive — this UHT milk is now known only as “milk.”

Package type: Tetrapak brick,Tetrapak Pillow, SIG Combibloc,PrePak soft pouch.
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1. Opportunity to realize products with customized recipes.

2. Opportunity to produce more than one product with the same processing line.

3. Very short holding times at pasteurizing temperature.

4. Accurate dosing of mixing and additional aromas.

5. High quality of the final product keeping an elevated nutritional value.

6. Wide customization of the final product.

7. Extended shelf life of the product.

8. Maximum yield, minimum production waste.

9. Highest energy savings thanks to the most advanced technologies.

10. Complete line supervision system through monitoring of every process phase.

11. Recording, visualization and printing of all daily production data.

Working capacity

from 10 tons/d up to 500 tons/d


- Pasteurised skimmilk
- Pasteurised whole milk
- Pasteurised milk with varied fat content
- Pasteurised flavor milk
- Pasteurised milk in varied package:
- Gable top carton; glass bottle; plastic pouch; paper pouch; etc.

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